Board Members

Gina Waldman, President
Carmella Pardo, Los Angeles Chair
Ralph Avi Goldwasser, Advisory Board Chair
Rachel Wahba
Raphael Sisa
Lauren Karp
Linda Cederbaum
Joseph Dabby
Joseph Samuels
Elliot Levy
Dan Waldman

Advisory Board Members

Profesor Robert Alter
Eric Benhamou
Elliott Benjamin
Ralph Avi Goldwasser
Professor Henry Green
David Hindawi
Charles Jacobs
Rabbi Brian Lurie
Nathaniel Malka
Amichai Magen
Varda Rabin
Paula Sadok

Speakers Bureau

The foundation of JIMENA is built upon the dedication and involvement of our volunteer Speakers Bureau. Through their individual work to ensure the preservation and advancement of the heritage and history of Jews from Arab countries and Iran, JIMENA speakers are fulfilling our mission of educating and advocating on behalf of the 850,000 Jews refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.