JIMENA’s Mizrahi and Sephardic Speakers Bureau serves as the North American voice of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. The Bureau is composed of specially selected and highly trained former refugees, experts and cultural ambassadors who have compelling personal stories and the knowledge to represent Jews from Arab countries. While the experiences of JIMENA Speakers vary, the common thread between them is their passion and desire to empower and educate audiences with their personal stories and the history of Jewish people indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa.

JIMENA takes great efforts to match our speakers with the appropriate audiences and while each presentation is highly personal, speakers promote JIMENA as a resource for more in-depth learning of the subject. JIMENA speakers have presented at over 80 universities and hundreds of organizations nationwide. As the core of JIMENA, JIMENA Mizrahi and Sephardic speakers are up-to-date on current events related to the issue. Many are accomplished leaders in their respective professional fields and their voices have successfully impacted policy and opinion of the Middle East and North Africa.

Some of the venues where JIMENA speakers have presented include:

UN Human Rights Council, US Congressional Human Rights Caucus, British House of Lords, Israeli Knesset, Italian Parliament, Commonwealth Club of California, 92nd Street Y, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Jewish Geneology Conference, JCCs nation-wide, San Jose Public Library, Yale, Stanford, NYU, Columbia, Georgetown, Williams College, University of British Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, Foothill Community College, Moishe House, Chabad, Tikvah Students for Israel, Hillel houses nation-wide, Write on For Israel, Hadassah Luncheons, Lion of Judah Luncheons, Limmud, Feast of Jewish Learning and many others.

If you would like to join the JIMENA Speakers Bureau and share your story as a Jew from an Arab country, please contact us.

If you represent an organization or group and would like to host a JIMENA Speaker, please contact us.

JIMENA’s volunteer Speakers Bureau serves as the North American voice of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews indigenous to North Africa and the Middle East




Lebanon and Syria