Albert Bivas and was born in Cairo, Egypt. Raised in an upper-class suburb of Cairo, Albert had a comfortable childhood. Albert’s father was trained as a lawyer, but became a stockbroker and textile factory owner. Prior to fleeing Egypt, Albert’s father sold his factory, at a deflated value, in order to keep it from being confiscated by the Egyptian government.

In 1956, under the increasing pressure and threats from Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s regime, Albert and his family fled to France. Upon exiting Egypt, Nasser’s regime dispossessed them of all their property and forced them to sign a Laizee Passé (a one way exit visa saying they would never return). For eight years after fleeing Egypt, Albert and his family lived as stateless refugees. Although they spoke French, assimilation into France was difficult especially because Albert’s father, at the age of 52, could not find work for two years while he had a family of seven to raise. The Bivas family essentially had no financial resources and their extended family was dispersed around the world in Israel, England, the US, and Australia.

Albert has four sisters who all graduated from French Universities. Eventually they made their way to the United States where they all ultimately settled. Albert married his wife, Natalie, whom he has two grown children with. He and his wife currently live in Palo Alto. Albert is an outspoken advocate for the one million Jews displaced from their indigenous homelands in the Middle East and North Africa.