Daniel Khazzoom was born in Baghdad, the youngest son of a prominent lawyer there. He was eight years old when the Nazis came to Baghdad. He and his family survived the Farhoud, a massacre of the Jews in Baghdad in 1941. In his memoir The Journey of a Jew from Baghdad Khazzoom describes the incredible journey of a Jewish refugee from Iraq who was forced from his birthplace and left behind his family to forage his own path in the search for freedom.

In 1951 Khazzoom left Iraq and vowed to never return.  He first moved to Israel and then eventually immigrated to the United States, where he established himself as an academic and was the first Israeli accepted to Harvard University. Daniel graduated with a PhD in Economics.  He is currently a resident of the Bay Area and board member of JIMENA. Khazzoom has taught at various universities across North America including the University of California, Berkeley and NYU.

Khazzoom’s story details the injustice experienced by the over 125,000 Jewish refugees from Iraq and the horrors of violence they witnessed before and after the creation of the state of Israel. His memoir highlights the theme of religious intolerance and discrimination and depicts the violence of Iraqi society during his childhood which sadly persists in Iraq today.