David Hamaoui was born in Cairo, Egypt. During the time David and his family lived in Egypt they suffered many scares and invasions of privacy only because they were Jewish. The first time David experienced anti-Semitism and local Egyptian hostility towards Jews was in 1948 when he was six years old. The Egyptian secret police came to “search” his family’s home in Cairo because a neighbor of theirs had reported that David’s family was holding Zionist meetings in their home when the reality was that the family had been celebrating his sister’s engagement the previous few days. The police tore apart his house leaving it in complete disarray.

Four years later, David’s father passed away shortly after Egyptian Pan-Arabist leader Gamal Abdel-Nasser came to power. The death of his father and the increasing hostility towards Jews in Egypt due to the rise of Pan-Arabism left him and his family in greater fear.

In 1962, David left for France and was helped greatly by a Jewish Agency, HIAS (the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). However, he still felt unwelcome in France and again through HIAS was able to immigrate to Syracuse, New York where he received his degree in business.

David married Mireille who is also an Egyptian Jew and they eventually made their way to California. He worked for his brother’s electronics testing firm for many years and when they sold the company David got a license to sell real estate in California. He now owns two real estate firms and a mortgage company and lives in Foster City with his family.