Remy PessahRemy Pessah was born in 1947, and lived in Egypt through the wars of 1956 and 1967, which left a terrible impact on her life.  Before President Nasser came to power, in 1952, the Jews in Egypt had a good life.  Many families found success in business. Her father owned a jewelry store. She met her future husband, Joe Pessah, while he was her after-school Hebrew teacher.  They got engaged in 1966 and were planning to get married in the summer of 1968. But when the Six Day War broke out on June 5th 1967, Joe and his father, along with all Jewish men from the ages of 18 to 55, were taken away. Remy and her family did not know whether they were alive or dead or whether they would ever return at all.

Remy was educated at a French school run by Catholic nuns, “Les Sœurs Franciscaines.” For High School she attended the American College for Girls.  She studied at the American University in Cairo, majoring in a five-year program in Chemistry and Physics. After college, she left Egypt for the United States then attended San Jose State to get her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry. Since then, she has worked as a process engineer in the Semiconductor high tech industry. Recently Remy has pursued a life long dream of being a fashion designer. Her painted silk and unique garments are sold in many boutiques in San Francisco, Carmel, San Carlos, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park.