2016-04-15 | JIMENA in the Press

Mizrahi and Sephardic Passover Recipes

Enjoy JIMENA’s carefully curated collection of authentic Pesach recipes and food articles from our favorite Mizrahi and Sephardic food bloggers and editors.


Karatie, Egyptian Matzah  
Jewish Journal

Israeli Salad with Tehina
My Jerusalem Kitchen

Turkish Albondigas de Pirasa (Leek Meatballs)
Tablet Magazine

Moroccan Fish Stew
Tori Avey


Iraqi, Libyan and Iranian Style Haroset
KQED, Bay Area Bites

Yemenite Haroset
JIMENA Yemenite Experience

Algerian Haroset
Washington Times

Syrian Dried Apricot Haroset
Too Good to Passover

Main Courses 

Syrian Veal Breast Stuffed with Spiced Ground Meat

Algerian Boulettes (meatballs) with Greenpeas
Too Good to Passover

Lebanese Stuffed Potatoes (Vegan)
May I Have That Recipe

Indian Tomato Eggplant Lamb Curry
Levana Cooks

Yemenite Beef and Tomato Stew
Alan Divack’s (Mostly Food) Blog


Pastel de Nuez, Sephardic Walnut Cake
May I Have That Recipe

Turkish Honey Soaked Almond Cake
The Boreka Diary on The Global Jewish Kitchen

Boulicunio, Sephardic Sesame Cookies
Bendichas Manos