Much of the responsibility of the expulsion of the indigenous Jews of the Middle East and North Africa by Arab governments lies with the Palestinian political leadership who engaged in anti-Jewish incitement throughout the Arab world, with the help of Nazi Germany during World War Two, and after the war.

In 1941 pro-Nazi Palestinian nationalist leader Hajj Amin al-Husayni, the Mufti of Jerusalem, arrived in Berlin, along with many other Palestinian leaders, as a guest of the German Nazi regime. He worked in several capacities for the triumph of the Nazi “new order:” he directed propaganda beamed to the Arabs of the Middle East and North Africa as well as Muslims in Asia to elicit rebellion and sabotage against the Allied powers; he was the linchpin for the Nazi espionage network in the Middle East and organizer of saboteurs who were spirited into the area; he organized an Arab Legion to serve with the German Army, and was active recruiting Muslim SS divisions in the Balkans and occupied Russia.

The Nazis welcomed him and his entourage warmly. He was given a generous stipend and subsidies to sustain five residences and suites at two hotels in Germany. He established an “Arabishes Büro” and a so-called “Jewish Institute” at Nazi expense.

Al-Hussayni asked Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Führer (leader), to apply the same methods against the Jews of the Middle East then being directed against Europe’s Jews.  Al-Hussayni drafted a political declaration, which he presented to the Axis allies of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, in the hope they would adopt it.  In paragraph 7 he would have Germany and Italy  recognize the rights of Palestine and other Arab countries (to) resolve the problem of the Jewish elements in Palestine and the other Arab countries in the same way as the problem was resolved in the Axis Countries. [1]

(At this time the Jewish “problem” was being “resolved” by Nazi Germany through a genocide now known as the Holocaust.)

Further, in a meeting between Hitler and al-Hussayni, on November 28, 1941, Hitler made this promise to the Palestinian leader:

(the) Führer would offer the Arab world his personal assurance that the hour of liberation had struck. Thereafter, Germany’s only remaining objective in the region would be limited to the annihilation of the Jews living under British protection in Arab lands. [2] (emphasis added)

With these assurances, al-Hussayni voiced his hope for a “final solution” to the Jewish presence in the Middle East in a speech given at a rally in Berlin, on November 2, 1943.   The speech was carried by Nazi Germany’s official radio network, Radio Berlin: 

National Socialist Germany knows the Jews well and has decided to find a final solution for the Jewish danger which will end the evil in the world. The Arabs especially and Muslims in general are obliged to make this their goal, from which they will not stray and which they must reach with all their powers: it is the expulsion of all Jews from Arab and Muslim lands.”[3] (emphasis added)

During the Palestine Partition debate at the United Nations, the Palestinian delegate to the UN, Jamal al-Hussayni, (representing the Arab Higher Committee of Palestine to the UN General Assembly and a nephew of Hajj Amin al-Hussayni), made the following threat:

“It must be remembered that there are as many Jews in the Arab world as there are in Palestine whose positions… will become very precarious. Governments in general have always been unable to prevent mob excitement and violence.”[4]