Advocacy Committee 

JIMENA’s international Advocacy Committee is composed of scholars, lawyers, political strategists, Rabbis, activists and community leaders who are committed to achieving redress and restitution for Jewish refugees from the highest levels of government. This groups serves as the primary voice representing the interests and rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries in formal and informal briefings and negotiations. 

Advisory Board

JIMENA’s Advisory Board is composed of a highly accomplished professionals and experienced Jewish communal leaders who are passionate about JIMENA’s mission and advancing the heritage and rights of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews. Our diverse Advisory Board supports JIMENA by volunteering their time and expertise on an as needed basis. 

JIMENA’s Young Professional Boards (Los Angeles and Bay Area)

JIMENA’s Young Professional Boards are composed of individuals passionate about celebrating and sharing the rich culture of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry. This experience serves to build a community of young leaders working together to extend JIMENA programming and cultivate connections. YPB membership is an opportunity to learn about Middle East and North Africa Judaism while developing lay leadership skills, cultivating friendships, and building community.

Executive Board

JIMENA’s Executive Board oversees the organization’s governance and ensures the staff is working within a strategic framework designed by a committed group of JIMENA’s leading stakeholders. They are responsible for fiscal management of JIMENA and work closely with staff and select stakeholders to ensure the organization’s success. 

If you are interested in joining joining a JIMENA board or committee, please contact us. 

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