On two separate occasions the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) ruled that Jews fleeing Arab countries were ‘bona fide’ refugees who fall within the mandate of  (the UNHCR) office. Yet, there was virtually no international response to the plight of close to 900,000 Jews who, since 1948, have been displaced from Arab countries.

As a matter of law and equity, no just, comprehensive Middle East peace can be reached without recognition of, and redress for, the uprooting of centuries-old Jewish communities in the Middle East and North Africa.

As part of an international coalition spearheaded by WOJAC and JJAC in 2006, JIMENA continues collecting claims as part of The International Rights and Redress Campaign. The Redress Campaign Registration records the mass violations of human rights suffered by Jews from Arab countries and Iran and documents the loss of extensive communal and individual assets. Once collected, the documentation will be catalogued by a special unit in Israel’s Ministry of Justice, established to compile the legal and factual basis necessary to assert the rights of Jewish refugees displaced from Arab countries.

The International Rights and Redress Campaign records the human rights violations suffered by Jews from Arab countries & documents the loss of assets. All information provided to JIMENA will remain strictly confidential. You can either fill out the following online form or download and fill out the PDF form attached here. For more information please call us at 415.626.5062.

Registration Form

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