Sapir was born and raised in Israel and grew up in Modiin. She graduated from Bar Ilan University with a B.A in Political and Social Science, which led her to pursue international opportunities in foreign relations. Sapir represented Israel on official government delegations to South Korea and Taiwan, she served as a program coordinator for Birthright, and as an active member of the Israel Youth Exchange Authority. Most recently, Sapir worked as a corporate event manager for Funzing; an Israeli startup that creates a marketplace for unique experiences hosted by individuals.

Sapir arrived in San Francisco, CA three years ago and immediately got involved with the Jewish community. She joined the board of the World Zionist Organization and currently oversees San Francisco Bay Area social media groups for local Jewish and Israel related events. As an Israeli with Tunisian and Libyan origins, Sapir has been volunteering with JIMENA since her arrival in the USA and she looks forward to contributing towards JIMENA’s mission by sharing her Sephardic and Mizrahi traditions and history with diverse audiences.