2023-09-20 | Lesson Plans

The Holocaust and Jewish Communities in Wartime North Africa

The Holocaust and Jewish Communities in Wartime North Africa, Facing History and Ourselves

The intersecting histories of the Holocaust and wartime North Africa illuminate complex ways in which colonialism and fascism impacted Jewish communities across Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia. This three lesson mini-unit brings in voices that are often left out of Holocaust and WWII curricula, opening an opportunity for students to gain a more complete understanding of the range of experiences, choices, and impacts associated with this period in history

Lesson #1: Pre-War Jewish Life in North Africa

Students deepen their understanding of the diversity and complexity of Jewish life in pre-war North Africa through an analysis of images, film and readings.

Lesson #2: Responses to Rising Antisemitism and Antisemitic Legislation in North Africa

Explore how power structures established through the European colonization of North African countries influenced the fate of North African Jewry during the Holocaust and ways in which individuals and groups responded to rising antisemitism.

Lesson #3: The Holocaust and North Africa: Resistance in the Camps

Students learn the importance of teaching the history of the Holocaust’s impacts on North African communities with a focus on ways in which they resisted oppression.