2019-07-22 | International News

Will Mideast Christians share the fate of the Jews of Arab countries?

It is worth recalling a famous Muslim saying: “First we’ll take care of the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”

by  Dr. Edy Cohen  Published on  2019-07-22 18:53 Last modified: 2019-07-22

Israel Hayom

A look at developments in the Middle East in recent decades gives the clear impression that the region is becoming “cleansed” of minorities – especially the Christians who have inhabited it for millennia.

The process is reminiscent of that which befell the Jews of the region, who had to flee their homes amid pogroms and persecution during the 20th century, especially after the establishment of the State of Israel and its victories over its Arab enemies.

It was in Morocco, where several thousand Jews have remained, that the first 20th-century massacre of Middle Eastern Jews occurred – in Fez, on April 17, 1912, after Sultan Mulai Abd al-Hafid signed a treaty that turned Morocco into a French protectorate.

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