In November 1961 the government of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel-Nasser issued a decree declaring that “all Jews included in the list of sequestrations are deprived of their civic rights and cannot serve as guardians, caretakers or proxies in any business association or club.” Thus the family of Raphel Biglio, an Egyptian Jew lost their land in Heliopolis, a Cairo suburb that they had been leasing their land to the Coca-Cola Company. That land later became the headquarters of Coca-Cola, Egypt. In 1994 the Coca-Cola company purchased the land from an Egyptian government firm. Biglio sued the Coca-Cola company in American courts for a return of the land. Although the Second Circuit Court dismissed the case saying that Biglio had “not sufficiently alleged that the Coca-Cola Company headquarters in the US controlled Coca- Cola Egypt.” The court did say that Biglio’s lawyers had shown that the En-Nasr bottling company had trespassed the Biglio’s family property.

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