2020-05-07 | JIMENA in the Press

JIMENA Buddy System

JIMENA’s Buddy System was created to ensure that elder members of our community are connected and cared for during the Covid-19 crisis. As so many of us are alone with limited opportunities for social interaction, this is a chance for individuals of all ages to be paired with a caring JIMENA member for weekly check-ins via facetime, zoom, or just the good old phone.

We are specifically interested in pairing older members of our community with a buddy to talk to, problem-solve with, and check-in with. We are seeking French, Hebrew, Spanish, Farsi, and English- speaking individuals of all ages to participate. We are also seeking individuals who can help set up food delivery services for members of our community.

PLEASE FILL OUT THIS SURVEY to become a JIMENA Buddy and to request support and connection during these troubling times. We encourage you to fill out this form for members of your family who would benefit from being paired with a JIMENA buddy but who may not have the capacity to fill out the form themselves. You can contact us directly with questions or to learn more. When appropriate, JIMENA staff will connect individuals to social services in their area.