2020-06-24 | International News

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries with Dr. Stanley Urman. 6.18.20

As part of JIMENA’s Together at Home programming, on June 18th, 2020 JIMENA’s Executive Director, Sarah Levin interviewed Dr. Stanley Urman on the history of efforts to pursue recognition, justice, and redress for former Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran. The event was recorded and can be viewed by clicking here.

Dr. Urman prepared this accompanying memo for participants to learn more about the subject us justice for Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

LEGAL RESOURCES TO BE FOUND AT:    http://justiceforjews.com/legal.html

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries: Case for Rights and Redress JJAC Committee of Legal Experts produce Report that documents strong legal arguments for the legitimate rights, under international law, of Jews displaced from Arab countries.

UN & Middle East Refugees: Differing Treatment of Palestinians & Jews
Extensive research into voting patterns and UN meeting transcripts reveal that the UN did accord differential treatment to Palestinian
refugees, by every measure, including, among others: UN resolutions; UN Agency involvement; and financial support.

Collusion by Arab League in Displacement of Jews from Arab Countries
Over time, Arab League member states colluded in, and coordinated, a shared pattern of conduct that appeared intended to coerce Jews to leave, or to use them as weapons in their struggle against first Zionism and then the State of Israel.

UN Resolution 242: “Just Settlement of the Refugee Problem”
Still considered the primary vehicle for resolving the Arab-Israel conflict, Resolution 242, stipulates that a comprehensive peace settlement should necessarily include “a just settlement of the refugee problem”. No distinction is made between Arab refugees and Jewish refugees.
EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES TO BE FOUND AT:   http://justiceforjews.com/education.html

The Forgotten Refugees Educational Unit
A curriculum initiative for Jewish schools produced by Justice for Jews from Arab Countries and The David Project. This program has been approved by the New York Board of Jewish Education.

Synagogue guide A Compendium of Resources and Materials to Help Synagogues and Congregations Promote the Rights of Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

Misc. Resources
Bibliography of books on Jews from Arab countries Bibliography of films & videos on Jews from Arab countries