Matthew Nouriel (They/Them) is a content creator and digital activist of Iranian Jewish descent living in Los Angeles, California. In recent years they have been using their voice to passionately advocate and fight for the causes they believe in, namely LGBTQ+ rights and equality within the Iranian and Jewish communities, and combating antisemitism. They have taken on leadership roles and partnered with Jewish organizations such as JDC Entwine, JQ International, The Aguda, and most recently with Tel Aviv Institute as a Digital Producer.

In 2021 they were both humbled and proud to be the recipient of the TrailBlazer Award at the JQ International annual Impact Awards. In addition to Matthew’s advocacy work, they have a professional background, most notably having spent six years working at YouTube with their Spaces division as an event producer. After their time with YouTube Matthew decided to seek out a more meaningful and impactful career path, which has led them to JIMENA.

Matthew is very passionate about the JIMENA mission. They are enthusiastic about being a part of the organization’s growth, and about using their experience and skill set to further the ideals of diversity and Mizrahi and Sephardi inclusion and education.